Tune in to Kid Cudi’s “Frequency”

Last year, Kid Cudi chucked a curveball at us with Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven which is saying a lot after his other two experimental albums (see WZRD and Satellite Flight). His foray into the world of low-quality garage rock left longtime fans doubting that Cudder would ever return to his roots on the moon, but those fears can be forgotten thanks to a surprise drop titled “The Frequency.” Produced by Plain Pat (good news for Man on the Moon Cudi fans) and Mike Dean, the lo-fi synths over the simple drum patterns is a throwback to the sound that launched Kid Cudi into the mainstream. He spits of shrooms and girls in his signature sing-rap cadence, keeping the content simple and mostly just vibing over the track, inviting you to join his “frequency.” Is this what we can expect from 2016 Kid Cudi? Because it certainly is a welcome transition back to his original sound. Is this the prelude to Man on the Moon 3, which Cudi promised would sound entirely new (again)?

It certainly doesn’t sound that way right now, but only time will tell what sort of ideas Cudi is cooking up in the lab. Stream the song below and stay tuned to True Too for all you Kid Cudi news and updates.