5 Steps to Survive Without Frank Ocean

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Three years. It’s been over 3 years since any full musical project has been released by modern R&B revolutionary Frank Ocean. On top of that Frank has become a ghost. Lacking presence on any social media outlet (except for Tumblr, which he hasn’t updated in quite some time) and avoiding any type of public interviews. Frank has been enigmatic as both artist and celebrity. As well as not showing up to award shows and canceling his headlining spot at FYF Festival, Frank has become the dad that said he was just going out to buy cigarettes. Now that OFWGKTA is no more, people basically don’t know what Frank Ocean is doing these days. This is causing some people (myself included) to have serious abandonment issues. Frustration is at an all-time high now that we have passed “July 2015,” the date he mentioned on  his tumblr, where he also revealed a picture of a magazine titled Boys Don’t Cry. Don’t sweat it, True Too is here to give you the Frank Ocean Abandonment Guide!

Alright, so you miss Frank? Yeah, we all do. Unfortunately, you have zero say about when his next project will come out. Until then, follow these steps and before you know it, we will have the follow-up to the best R&B album in the past few years.

Frank Ocean

Step 1:

Listen to his first mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra. While the tape feels like a warm-up to his album, it really exemplifies the best qualities in Frank. With covers of MGMT and “Hotel California,” this mixtape will hold you over for a while. Maybe you haven’t heard some of the songs in a bit, so you can imagine you are listening to it for the first time again. Wow, some new Frank Ocean!

Nostalgia Ultra

Step 2:

Watch some of his old videos when he was still with Odd Future. “Oldie” is a classic Wolfgang track where Frank really shines. He comes in around 5:15 and gets the whole Gang feeling the vibe, rapping with a melodic flow. In this Noisey special, the whole squad goes to a Frank show and we even get an interview starting at 1:40. Additionally, there’s a Tyler, The Creator music video featuring Frank where he gives us a verse and a few beautifully executed hooks. As a bonus, there is a good video of the two artists performing the song live.

Step 3:

While the next step is a quick one it can be a very helpful one. Next you should rewatch all the videos on his youtube VEVO account. In typical Frank Ocean Style, there are only 4 videos, 2 of which are live performances. Other than the lack of videos, these should bring back that feeling of comfort and warmth whenever a Frank Ocean song comes on.

Step 4:

Here is an official True Too SoundCloud playlist all about Frank. From his recent features to his sudden surprise singles, it’s all covered. My favorite, “You Are Luhh” is an incredible Isley Brothers cover which showcases Frank’s falsetto ability perfectly.

Step 5:

The ultimate solution to any Frank Ocean related problem is to listen to Channel Orange. This is the reason why we love Frank in the first place. This album is so good it made him the most unanimously loved modern R&B artists just from one album! It has been more than 3 years, yet the album still hasn’t aged a day. People still talk about it often and it has yet to cease in quality. Shockingly, the album has yet to go platinum in the United States. So go out and buy the album and that should help the anxiety for a few days.

pink matter

Refreshing his Tumblr page all day probably won’t make an album come quicker so all you can do now is repeat those five steps and the next Frank Ocean masterpiece will be here before you know it. With 2015 producing so many quality albums, there is so much more to keep you preoccupied. Check out the new The Internet album Ego Death for some good modern R&B/hip-hop.

Whether a new Frank Ocean album was supposed to drop two months ago or not, no one knows. All we know is something big is around the corner. Something that could revolutionize the game or just a simple magazine. Either way, the anticipation of 3 long years is crippling Frank Ocean fans across the world. Hopefully following these steps will help ease the pain.

Oh and if you’re reading this Frank, we miss you.

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