Discussing America With Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders

It’s not every day that a presidential candidate sits down with a rapper to talk Martin Luther King, the systematic buying of American elections, and gun rights all in the same interview. Released today as a six-part series, rapper and small business man Killer Mike sat down with the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders at Killer Mike’s barber shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

All six episodes are worth watching as they explicitly make clear where Senator Sanders stands on the issues and makes some of the problems facing our democracy today very apparent. Both parties make a point to highlight the persistent problem of apathy and distrust felt by many towards the political process; in the 2014 midterm elections only 36.6% of our voting eligible population voted.

We are also the only major developed nation that does not guarantee healthcare access as a right to all of our citizens, a point of change that Senator Sanders has made a major part of his platform. The only notable point that either of the two disagreed on during their nearly hour-long conversation was the right of private citizens to own assault weapons, a position held by Killer Mike. While Senator Sanders is from the state of Vermont where he says there are “virtually no gun control laws,” he also believes that the private possession of assault weapons should not be federally legal. Killer Mike does make mention that he is a “card-carrying NRA member,” an organization who spent a little more than $28 million on “outside groups,” money that likely ended up in the campaign coffers of the exact people both are fighting to oust from power.

Also interesting for those who make it through the series but may be wondering what the “Snick” is that so amazes Killer Mike is an abbreviation for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, one of the largest and most influential civil rights groups for students in the 1960’s. Many of it’s members have since gone on to hold places in the government including Georgia Congressman John Lewis and noted activist Robert Zellner.

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