A$AP Rocky’s Got Two Versions

A$AP Rocky has been teasing at new music for a while now, one of those songs being “RAF,” which was supposed to feature Quavo, Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert. So it was a more than pleasant surprise to see that instead of Carti Rocky was able to lock down a guest appearance from Frank Ocean. And not only one guest verse from Ocean, but two. Two versions of “RAF” have been released, with the only major difference being Frank spitting different verses on each version. But yea, you read that right, spitting not singing; we got some rapping Franky Ocean, something fans thought would be more prevalent on Blond.


The production on this track is perfect, featuring a heavy hitting trap beat with ever-popular flute sound that has been appearing a great deal since “Broccoli” became a hit. However, after the first few flute notes it takes a nice synth-like turn, something that saves it from sounding like an elementary school student played it like on songs such as “Portland.” Carti does in fact get to make an appearance as well, only its by dropping ad libs on the production a la Desiigner on “Champions.” The rest of the artists with actual verses flow effortlessly over the beat, and you can tell the cast was chosen specifically for their styles.

With Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 on the way it’s exciting to know that A$AP still plans to deliver on his promise of a new solo record every other year. 2015’s At Long Last A$AP was one of the year’s best and surely this project won’t be any different. So far everything he’s put out this year has been quality, and surely the same can be expected of both the A$AP Mob album and his solo record. Stream both versions of “RAF,” let us know which version you think is better, and stay tuned to True Too for all things hip hop.

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