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True to ourselves. True to hip hop. We are True Too.

Originally founded in Sydney, Australia, True Too was created by Christopher Ng and Jack Delaney. The intention of the website developed as a dedication to a close friend, the late Gaak Domkuch, otherwise known as G-Wow. G-Wow loved music, and the founders created True Too in representation of what he was all about: Truth, honesty, and love for the genre of hip-hop.

If you’re interested in joining our team, feel free to reach out. We’re always on the lookout for dope writers, designers, and more.

Contact us: truetooblog@gmail.com (no music submissions please)

Submissions: truetoosubmissions@gmail.com


  • Adaem says:

    Hi my name is Adaem. I’ve been getting into the blog scene and i really like yours. Its really clean and organized. I wish i knew who this email was directly going to, whether its someone in the creative team, or an editor, or someone in operations. Anyway your website is awesome. I saw that your website is based in Australia, I’m a university student and i think it’d be awesome to study abroad in there. I have friends who have studied there and i hear its beautiful. I’m a rapper too. My name is Adaem. I’d be honoured if you posted me on your blog. It’d be awesome if you took a look at my song “Back Again” and if you do i hope you like it.

  • Aaron M says:

    Went to High School with Gaak myself and I miss the guy. I didn’t speak to him at all since we left school but when I found out he died my heart sank. To think that a young man with such big potential left the planet saddens me.

    All the best for his family and I’m sure Gaak is looking out for them.


    • Christopher Ng says:

      Hey Aaron,
      Thanks for the message and the kind words. I’m glad you had the pleasure of knowing someone as vibrant as Gaak. I still remember the exact moment I found out, time nearly stopped. Wish you all the best buddy. Peace.

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