Action Bronson Breaks Silence With “Let Me Breathe”

Other than his public outrage at the delay of his next album, Blue Chips 7000, not a lot has been heard from chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson. He’s done some promoting for his cousin Big Body Bes’ upcoming music debut (which is going to be fire), but Bronsolino hasn’t dropped anything new of his own in a bit. It could be because he’s keeping busy with his television shows and other various ventures, but more likely than not it looks like it’s his label’s fault. “Durag vs. Headband” whet our appetites last year and thankfully Bronson’s new single “Let Me Breathe” does the same today.

Frequent collaborator and good friend of Action, Harry Fraud, hops behind the boards for this one, and boy did he put together a nasty beat. The riff present through the song rides the deeper, booming base like a surfer hitting a barrel. This sounds unlike anything Action has rapped over before, and it suits him perfectly. His usual swagger presents itself on this track and is present in all of his lyrics, which are assuredly as ridiculous as ever. Ad-libs and backing vocals are added in perfectly as well, emphasizing Bronson’s flow and highlighting certain lyrical phrases (“Throwing alley-oops to my brothers *Curry*“) or elements of the song, like the hook. The bridge where the beat cuts out and Bronson wishes he could make a dance to go with the song is another great moment that also shows some progression in his song structures. If this is what the album is going to sound like it’s going to blow Mr. Wonderful out of the water.

Action’s return to the musical spotlight is a triumphant one, as “Let Me Breathe” showcases that Bronson has not slowed down at all with his rapping. It’s as absurdly groovy as ever, some classic Action bars over a killer beat. The new album will hopefully be shared before the end of the summer, with Bronson stating he’s hoping for a late July/early August release. And while it’s nice to get singles, hopefully not all the best tracks are released ahead of the project like with his last album rollout. Regardless, it’s a blessing to receive some new Bam Bam today and the new album couldn’t come any sooner. Stream the track below and check out the album artwork, also shared today, and stay tuned to True Too for all your hip hop needs.

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