Aesop Rock Releases Something Out of His Character


It’s about damn time that Aesop Rock came at the public with something new. Releasing a single and music video on the 17th titled “Rings,”  As always, Ace hits you with lyricism you don’t usually expect. Typically, the rapper’s articulate phonetic structure translates to the grandiose metaphors he creates throughout his songs. Due to this song’s personal content, it’s most likely the reason as to why he’s so straight-forward this time around. It’s about himself, and if you’re true to yourself, it’s something you don’t need to analogize in a manner that Ace has done in the past.

I left some years a deer in the light
I left some will to spirit away
I let my fears materialize
I let my skills deteriorate

If you’re a human being, the powerful anaphora that Ace drops leaves you hanging in your own existential thoughts asking what if? What would have become of me if I didn’t drop the passion I hungered for in the past?

Along with the new single comes his announcement for an upcoming album release. It’s been four years since the release of Skelethon and if the past two albums were any indication of his upcoming works The Impossible Kid is an album that you definitely would not want to skip out on.