AfroKing gets savage with Trey Songz and Fizzle Fizz


With just over 10 thousand hits, AfroKing’s “Savage” is a perfect example of how well executed the assimilation of American radio music can be.
The Zambian-born artist based in Australia linked up with Fizzle Fizz and none other than Trey Songz to make a track that blends in with most radio hits by R & B singers heard today.

“Oh girl you nasty, kissing your friend while you looking back at it.”

Songz contributes well when it comes to the hook, instantly grabbing the listeners.

Both rap verses also have highlights, especially AfroKing slipping in a “Down under” line towards the end of his verse. As great as those verses are, they only contribute to the itch of hearing the hook again. King’s decision of using Songz was critical.

The instrumental is flawless when it comes to pinpointing the strengths of each artist. It has the darkness that old Weeknd instrumentals were great at and still has that undeniable club feel, which in part is due to the sub bass all over the track. The beat gives more than enough headspace for both artists to rap confidently. It’s to the point where you can tell club hits aren’t the only thing they can perform on. At the same time, it compliments the whole feel that Songz brings to every track he’s on.

AfroKing is clearly versatile, the track just before this was him rapping his heart out over Pusha T’s “Retribution.” Even though the whole feel on “Savage” is clearly a ways apart from most of the stuff he’s putting out, the man clearly knows how to balance mass appeal and sticking to his roots.

Listen to it below and for more on all things hip hop, keep reading on at TrueToo.

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