Leave Voice Mails with Alec Jackson


R&B and cell phones are a match made in heaven. Ever since Kelly Rowland was texting Nelly with Microsoft Excel, the idea of communication through a handheld phone has resonated with tons of R&B singers. Drake can’t even get enough of it. Alec Jackson is a 22 year old artist out of Indianapolis, and his new song “Still About It,” captures exactly why everyone in that world loves putting voice-mails in their songs. It’s the fact that the person (probably drunk) just pressed a non-ionizing form of radiation near their ear is missing any form of closure, on anything.
Jackson bluntly sings to the person on the other line, “I’m still about it.” With feelings of longing in mind, he mentions the reason for calling, wishing she wasn’t so caught up with work and even calls one more time at the end of the song.
At this point it’s been done far too much, but at least Jackson’s song actually has the girl calling him in the beginning for that added story arc. It’s impressive considering that the song is less than 3 minutes long.

The production is another saving grace as it works so well on the track. Jackson produced it himself, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the beat was made after the lyrics were written down. There’s not much going on at all, but that’s really because the hazy lead synth is so dominant, which works fantastically considering that this is a song about distance.
Voice-mails will probably always be deep-rooted in R&B, which is fine, because as short as this song is, it would of been way shorter if the girl on the other side actually picked up.

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