Allday preps for new album with the dreamy “In Motion”

Originally from Australia, rapper/singer Allday is in the wake of preparation for his new album Speeding coming later this year. With a large following back home in Aus, Allday is slowly building his buzz here in the U.S. and his new track “In Motion” shows why. It packs in his skill and unique voice into an elegantly painted picture.

Featuring Japanese Wallpaper, “In Motion” is a smooth pop jam that shows nice versatility to the artist when you compare it to his past tracks like “Raceway,” as we don’t get to hear much rapping until the last quarter of the track.

If you’re into the likes of 6lack or The Weeknd then Allday’s music is definitely for you. Even Drake is big on intertwining rap, R&B, and pop music, and Allday appears to have it down to an absolute science. He’s definitely not copying these artists by any means, but it’s to be noted he can be mentioned within this type of caliber range. “In Motion” has a certain softness to it that makes it feel dream like. The whole track is an ambient experience that is only heightened with the newfound Spring weather. This is kind of like that scene in the movie when the guy sees this girl he’s crushing on, and instantly the world slows down and everything about her – the way she looks, the way she’s moving – it’s an absolute force to be reckoned with. That’s the feeling this track captures and proclaims very well.

With Allday building all this buzz, he’s definitely a name to keep an eye out for this year. Especially with his album Speeding set to drop April 21st, you’ll be hearing a lot more of his name. Take a listen to “In Motion” below, and be sure to check out the rest of Allday’s music when you can. You won’t regret it.

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