Aminé shouts out his ex-lover on “Wedding Crashers”

A 2017 XXL Freshman, young Portland rapper Aminé has kept busy since “Caroline” literally blew him into the stratosphere. He’s maintained steam by dropping a handful of singles from his debut album, Good For You, like “Heebiejeebies” featuring Kehlani and the sultry “Turf.” The latest single holds a nice assist from Offset of Migos and is titled “Wedding Crashers.” 

This track is a straight shout out to Aminé’s ex-lover. While he may have lost out on this girl of the past, Aminé’s future is too damn bright for him to be worried about that. The beat matches that sentiment, with a shiny and upbeat sound to give off the carefree vibe Aminé has in regards to this girl. He’s making it now, while she is, um, not. 

Honeymoon in your hometown / (Damn) Bitch you broke now

“Wedding Crashers” is a playful and smooth listen. Offset contributes a nice verse and he and Aminé make a surprising good team together. It def just snagged the top breakup song spot for the foreseen future. 

Good For You is set to drop July 28th (only a week away) and is one of the more intriguing albums of this year. While a new face, Aminé has shown he’s got a lot of talent in his arsenal. It should make for one solid debut from one talented dude. Take a listen to “Wedding Crashers” below and let us know what you think in the comments section. 

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