Angels Ft. Saba, Chance The Rapper’s New Amazing Single

I’d like to take this time to start the hype for the third Chance the Rapper mixtape. The acid-rapper has released a brand new song titled “Angels” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, who has reportedly been working on the song with him. Chance has been hyping this song up for about a week now, but for Chance fans it has seemed like an eternity.

I got my city doin’ front flips. When every father, mayor jump ships. I guess that’s why they call it where I stay. Clean up the streets so my daughter can have somewhere to play.

“Angels” is Chance’s song to flex on and on the contrary, he’s usually a humble man. Yet on this track, he flaunts his talents with shouts out to his city in braggadocious waves, bringing forth effortless charisma that shines beneath the flow to make it an uplifting song throughout. You can’t overlook Saba’s time on the song either. He delivers a tight hook and matches the themes behind the single praising not only his city but all the people or “Angels” in his life.

The instrumental on this track is insane. It’s complex, but not distracting, uplifting(Those choirs and those trumpets!), but not hamfisted, similar to the other songs Chance has put out with the Social Experiment. If this is the type of music Chance plans to release with them, the world won’t have any complaints

Stream “Angel” below, or download it for free on iTunes with the link provided.

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