Are You Down For Brunch with Benny Nice

Chicago local and rapper Ben Gershman, aka Benny Nice is busy working on his upcoming album Casual Romance. Today we bring you the second single promoting the album, a dreamy number titled “For Brunch” featuring Alex Silva. The track sounds like a pop-infused reggae-rap joint and takes you on a pleasant musical trip. If you could describe a song that sounds like what eating brunch sounds like, this would have to be it. Instantly the song transports you to a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon, with a plate of waffles and fresh fruit before your eyes. Don’t forget the tall glass of OJ either.

Benny told True Too that “The song itself is about the conceit of Brunch culture and how it’s weaved into modern courtship.” This shows a much deeper meaning than what might just come at face value, and Benny is right. Brunch has become sort of spectacle in today’s society and what better way to swoon over someone than to take them on a brunch date? One of the biggest highlights of the track is the instrumentation used. For a hip-hop song, it held a wide variety that is hard to match in today’s popular radio tracks which was a refreshing thing to hear.

You can take a listen to the brisk and upbeat track below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Benny’s upcoming album Casual Romance later this year. If this track is any indication, we can be in store for a medley of hip-hop styles and a very colorful album.

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