The art of making a Single with Broderick Batts

Broderick Batts

I was outside having a cigarette while I was on the phone with Broderick Batts. While the weather for New York and Illinois’ been unbearable for Spring, the wind and rain didn’t stop the warm rays that radiated from the sunshine state native. I was still laughing my ass off from his methods of creating his latest singles.

Batts goes on with her dutifully angry remark yelling, “are you fucking kidding me?! Like no fuck that!”

Broderick Batts is a 19-year old Floridian who within the past year has been signed to TEN music group and has been making extensive moves to get on, and stay on the map. TrueToo sees him as a prospect to keep your eye on for 2016, and Pigeons and Planes has been with him since the start. Batts has currently been flooding the internet with a flurry of singles, and as we talked it begged the question: Everyone has their own methods, so what’s the creative process behind a true artist? With Broderick, it’s a bit different compared to most.

Everyone has their own process. For Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it was taking all of his mates to Hawaii. For Desiigner, it’s slurring words over a mic about things that he doesn’t have. If you’ve listened to any of Broderick Batt’s singles like “SheDGAF” or “WAVEY,” love is one of the key components in driving his singles towards release. Mostly, his inspiration comes from his girlfriend with whom he was visiting during our call. “When it comes to love, like it extracts something outta me,” Says Batts, “I’ll get into a deep ass argument with my girlfriend and she’ll say something really powerful in the middle of an argument, and it’s like an intense argument, and I’m like babe hold on I gotta write this down.”  Any partner at this rate would flip out, and Batts goes on with her dutifully angry remark yelling, “are you fucking kidding me?! Like no fuck that!”

Batts would go on to document his girlfriend’s remarkable words which would be the product to the first line of “Wavey.”

Being the first rap-artist signed to Sweden Music label TEN music group, most of his singles have back-stories such as this. When he works in the studio he typically has two producers that he spends the majority of his time working with; one of the producers, Tizhimself, although unsigned premiered his latest single “SheDGAF” with Broderick. The chemistry they have together in the studio is unparalleled as of late, as Batts would go on to say that “as far as somebody who I see eye to eye with and connect when it really comes to that sound it would definitely be Tizhimself.” When they made “SheDGAF,” the ambient guitar riff was a result of Tizhimself and Broderick Batts sharing their love for the legacy Kurt Cobain left. “I love Kurt more as a person. I’m really intrigued by him,” says Batts. “My homie Tizhimself was like bro that’s my favorite artist in the whole world. So he started playing the fucking guitar on some Kurt shit and I was like, bro we have to make a song like this.”

A true artist opens their mind to everything the world has to offer. That doesn’t mean accepting everything, it means interpreting everything and making something beautiful. We all do it. To do so masterfully takes time, however, and as a prospect for 2016, Broderick Batts is wasting none.

Broderick plans to release two singles soon, one with TEN music group artist Elliphant and an EP or mixtape slated to release sometime further in the future. Listen to Broderick’s first EP that got him signed below, and for more on indie hip-hop and love for the culture, keep reading on at TrueToo.

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