Atmosphere Spills Their Hearts In Trying To Fly


Atmosphere’s been on a killing spree with singles lately, having just dropped “Trying To Fly” on our doorstep along with “Salma Hayek.” Despite their touring schedule across the states there seems to be no stopping their creativity from being tastefully slathered on the track. Hypnotizing guitar strings pluck against the corners of Slug‘s temples, scratching the itches that surface from his frustrations of being lost. In “Trying To Fly,” a new single featuring Eric Mayson, Slug writes the track out at first as if it’s about someone else when really it’s about himself being frustrated by all of the life choices that he’s made thus far. “You escaped from your cage just to dance and play across a random face,” spits Slug. “Fly away little horse fly, before they find you on the front page.” Slug doesn’t know how long he can keep continuing the lifestyle he’s chosen to pursue, and while he’s ignoring his pain the best that he can, he doesn’t really know if he’ll ever be happy.

“Trying To Fly” is a polar opposite of “Salma Hayek” which continues to prove how dynamic of a duo Slug and Murs’ really are. From pushing dark, heavy-handed jokes to questioning his own lifestyle, Slug seems to tie more knots around the relationship between comedy and tragedy. There’s a good reason why listeners keep tuning in to Atmosphere. The delivery Slug brings is more than easy to listen to, often carrying dark matter and clever twists like in “Yesterday” or “The Waitress” which makes it entertaining throughout.

Atmosphere will be continuing to tour the states visiting Colorado, Georgia, and California before hitting Soundset in Minneapolis.

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