Batts back with “Hit it & Quit It”


Innovation is exciting. Innovation is especially exciting when it comes from unimaginable sources. Who knew Soulja Boy would bring steel drums to the forefront? Who expected crooning to actually be so prevalent in trap music before Young Thug came along. Innovation is fun as shit to play around with, too. Broderick Batts shows that with “Hit It & Quit It.” one of the catchiest songs of the year.
The lines “I can’t fall in love with no ho, I’m stacking up my bankroll” have never been this melodic. Batts’ new collaboration with Swaghollywood is pure fun. It’s silly as fuck and it knows it. The Chance the Rapper voice and Thugger crooning are plastered all over the track, but the personality cannot be replicated.
The wailing of “I hit it and quit it” over and over again are crying to be played in the club. It’s the type of track that unites every person in the room. When the first steel drum hits come in, everyone is in for just under four minutes of blissful ignorance.
Tommy Trillfigga came through with one of the catchiest beats of the year. Trillfigga seems to come on his own terms when it comes to the production, nothing sounds forced. The beat isn’t trying to be anything it’s not. Still, the rapping is so brilliant that you don’t know whether the beat or hook are going to stuck in your head by the end of it all.
Batts and Swaghollywood proved that inflection is everything. I can imagine any other rapper writing these exact lyrics, but no one could pull it off the way it was pulled off here. The only thing that could be even more lighthearted is the artwork. Panties, two Magnum condom wrappers, and a MPAA rating on the bottom left. It doesn’t get any better than this. Listen below and follow Batts on Instagram.

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