The Best Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of – Azizi Gibson

Azizi Gibson via Acclaim Mag
Azizi Gibson via Acclaim Mag

Azizi (meaning precious) Gibson is one of the best up and coming rappers in the game; and with only 12,700 followers on Twitter, he’s kept a fairly low profile. The 24-year old was born on a military base in Frankfurt, Germany, moved to Africa, spent time in Thailand, Singapore, Zaire, and Cambodia before eventually moving to Maryland, USA at the age of 11. In 2010, Gibson dropped out of college, and in 2011 at the age of 21 he moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of making it in rap. It was there where he met producer and future co-worker, Flying Lotus through a fateful visit to the gym. Gibson then signed with Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder, and was signed there for two years before switching over to Waka Flocka’s label 36Brickhouse.

For being only 24 years old, Gibson has quite the large discography: two EPs, a collaborative mixtape, two full lengths, and a third album coming out this year. His first mixtape, Phuck DLX, came out in 2011 and convinced Flying Lotus that Gibson was worth signing to Brainfeeder. During his time in Brainfeeder, he released a collaborative mixtape with Jermiah Jae in Ignorant Prayers (2012), a mixtape, Ghost in The Shell (2013), and an EP, Backward Books EP (2014). He has also released an EP, The Last EP (2015), with his new label 36Brickhouse.

Drawing inspiration from the culture that he was surrounded by as a child, Gibson produces some very interesting and diverse music. He can make bangers like “Rolling Stoned” off of the Backward Books EP and “Phuck” off of Phuck DLX. He can also make songs smooth as a baby’s bottom(Or Kim K’s bottom shout out to pornhub) like “Kim K” off of Ghost in The Shell and “Miss Perfect” off of Phuck DLX. His lyrical content consists of smoking weed, big titty bitches, obscure anime, and his two dogs.

Like, don’t judge me for liking anime, but it’s like when Breaking Bad is over and you never watched it. Then someone’s like “You ever watch Breaking Bad?” And you’re like, “No, I don’t watch TV.” Then, you watch it, and you’re like, “Damn, there’s eight seasons of this shit?” You’re just psyched because there’s a whole bunch of shit you haven’t seen, and that’s how anime is. As soon as you find your niche, you’re busy.

Azizi speaking to Acclaim Mag in 2014

What’s next for Azizi Gibson? His new album, and his first full length with 36Brickhouse, preHISTORIC Till Death comes out October 5. He has also said that the first single for the album will be dropping sometime this week.

Follow Azizi on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud for updates and stream Backwards Book below. For all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.

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