Big K.R.I.T. At the Metro in Chicago, Illinois

Nestled in the exciting atmosphere of Wrigleyville sits The Metro. This small venue has always been one of my favorite places to catch a show, and last Wednesday it played host to the Kritically Acclaimed Tour, featuring acts from all over the mid to southwest. The tour, hosted by Big K.R.I.T, who brought along DeLorean, Scotty ATL, and the Windy City’s own BJ the Chicago Kid, gave an energy-packed feeling to the room that lingered into the next week.

The Houston-based MC DeLorean kicked the evening off and quickly put himself on my (and the whole room’s) radar. Necessitating no backing-vocal track, DeLorean brought a flow reminiscent of Chicago’s Mick Jenkins, and spitting like he had a bone to pick. “This is my first tour,” DeLorean told fans, as he then encouraged them to follow their dreams. He brought the energy to an insane level right from the beginning.

With a headlining tour of his own in 2013 under his belt, Atlanta native Scotty ATL was next up to the mic. The hype was cranked up to an inhuman form before he took the stage, with almost everyone in the crowd ready to get down. Once Scotty came out, The Metro exploded, as he led them through a half hour set of well-calculated rhymes set to some psychedelic Atlanta area production. Holding up a bottle of Hennessy, Scotty bumped tunes with psychotropic beats that reminded me of ILOVEMAKONNEN and other Atlanta-based musicians.

BJ the Chicago Kid came next and delivered my favorite set of the night. Ever since hearing him collaborate with other local artists like Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa I have loved the Chicago Kid. He brought his neo-soul vibes all throughout the venue during his set, painting a picture of a singer that you know is on the precipice of thorough success. Reminding me of Frank Ocean, he smoothly belted out his new single “Church,” got the room rocking to Chance’s “Everybody’s Something,” and left everyone with an adrenaline rush.

After BJ’s set, everyone knew who was going to take the mic next. With the stage decked out with a design featuring a live band, and the front of a Cadillac, K.R.I.T swiftly and dominantly took over the flow of the room and took the listener on an adventure. With his new and massive live band sound, K.R.I.T thanked his supporters of the past five years and made The Metro feel like his home venue. Steadfastly, the crowd shouted every word along with him, bringing a cohesive and fluid feeling to the night. The energy in the room reminded me of the feeling that comes with an Earl Sweatshirt or Flatbush Zombies show, a feeling that can only be created by a deeply dedicated fanbase. There is no doubt that Big K.R.I.T is confident and proved that he’s capable of just about anything in the industry.

Overall, The Kritically Acclaimed Tour mobbed through The Metro and like a tornado, was gone just as fast as it came, and left me with a high energy, anxiolytic feeling that has continued ever since.

Contributed by Nick Urick