Listen: Bishop Nehru – Bishy’s B-Day Playlist

Bishop Nehru - Bishy's B-Day Playlist via Soundcloud
Bishop Nehru - Bishy's B-Day Playlist via Soundcloud

Happy 19th birthday to the one and only, Bishop Nehru! While birthdays are usual a time for receiving gifts, Nehru decided to gift his fans with a short EP entitled Bishy’s B-Day Playlist and a video for the final track on the EP “The Alert“.

The EP is made up of four songs; two of them, “YLW (YOUNG LIVING WILD)” and “The Alert“, are produced by Bishop himself, and the other two, “Imma Get It” and “I See“, are produced by Texas-based producer, Tay $lay.

YLW (YOUNG LIVING WILD)” is essentially Nehru’s version of “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj. He speaks on his ‘euphoria’ and evolution into the rapper he knew he could be by giving listeners out of this world ‘eargasms’ and leaving their jaws on the floor: I been living my life trying and climbing // They finally finding this diamond is flying”. Nehru also gives a shout out to his haters and all the people that used to pick on him, but now act like day ones. “Used to be the creep peep seen as immature/Now they see he’s so much more”.

Imma Get It” is the second and easily the worst track on the EP. The production and use of autotune on this track seems very amateur. It’s different than any song Nehru has ever done, and not in a good way. It also feels like he might have bit T-Wayne’s flow from “Nasty Freestyle.”

I See” remains my favorite song on the EP. The beat is extremely simple, yet still amazing. The way that Nehru flows over the production combined with his use of alliterations reminds me of the Doris era Earl SweatshirtOn the road gettin’ doe for bozos and slow // Chattin’ foes trying to make me black like crows // I see O’s as 0’s, no cracking the code.” The only problem I have with this song is the fairly weak hook, which basically outlines all of the things that Nehru can “see” through.

The Alert” is the last track on this short EP, and it is accompanied by a video. The production to this track is simple, but very emotional. It’s the type of track that makes you want to close the blinds, get under the covers and think about every mistake you’ve ever made. There is a pause around the halfway through the track that splits the story nicely. On the first part, Nehru has a calm and relaxed flow, while the second half he comes off more aggressively.

Here’s the official video for “The Alert

Overall, I think this EP is pretty good. It produced two of my now favorite tracks by Bishop, “I See” and “The Alert“, while only really having one bad song. This EP has also sparked some new-found interest in the young Bishop Nehru.

Stream Bishy’s B-Day Playlist below and let us know what you think of the EP in the comment section.

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