Break The Fall with Mastodon Rare

The last time we wrote about Arizona rapper MastodonRare was for his track “The Internet,” and since then he has been pretty busy. He recently released his most popular single “HCYK”, and following that success he promised his fans a gift on Twitter. After a day-long poll, “The Fall” was chosen and dropped.

Mastodon was kind enough to speak with True Too through e-mail, detailing some of the specifics that inspired this emotionally heavy and charged track. “The Fall” is a type of sequel to one of Mastodon’s previous tracks made last year titled “The Winter.” The track serves as a way for Mastodon to open up his emotions, speaking on his struggles with religion, the effects of losing his younger brother, and about the last time he saw one of his best friends before they were sent away to jail. The first verse stops, leaving us in the wake of an ambient break that puts you in a serene moment of clarity, setting us up for the heavy rhymes that come in the second verse. “The Fall” was produced by Nollores, a beat that Mastodon fell for because of the feeling it held. It plays perfectly along with subject matter, creating a nice contrast in between the themes.

Whatever’s on your mind / Just know you can hit my line / and anytime I’d lay my life on the line for you / Maybe that can break the fall

MastodonRare has shown versatility in his sound as a young artist, and he hasn’t been afraid to open up and tackle bigger issues. These are all strengths and signs to show he has the drive and potential to make a spot for himself in the game. Take a listen to “The Fall” below and don’t be afraid to let us know what you think in the comments. Stay keen on all things True Too for the latest on up and coming artists.

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