Premiere: Breeze Embalm Exhibit A Freestyle


One of the signature differences from an MC and a studio rapper is their willingness to freestyle and their ability to do so with success. Brooklyn’s Breeze Embalm has, by evidence, the marks of an MC. Embalm’s “Exhibit A Freestyle” is attributed to silky delivery over Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A” instrumental. The term “freestyle” is often debated. To be honest, it’s a massive misnomer due to the word “free” in it.  So before digesting Embalm’s track, let’s get this straight.

A freestyle can include many things: ad-libs, old verses, ditched songs that never got released, or verses that never even hit the studio. The core still holds that key element in improvising lines on the spot, just don’t get upset when something sounds familiar. From what I can tell, however, is that Breeze Embalm improvises the majority of his bars with on-the-spot lines. There are times between the ad-libs where it’s as if he might be tripping up over himself, but those worries are erased in a swift motion. Breeze Embalm amps his delivery back up to match the melody of the instrumental.

Freestyles are supposed to be fun. This is what Breezy emulates, immediately bouncing off the beat with lines that dismantle and redefine syllable pronunciation. What’s good is that Embalm follows the beat well. What’s great is that he follows and switches his cadence up so that his voice and tone dances with the beat provided.

Listen to “Exhibit A” below. If the freestyle hooks you, check out his project Embalming Fluid while you’re at it. For more on Hip Hop and music that artists that deserve to be heard, keep reading on at True Too.

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