The British Are Coming: Introducing Danny Seth

Danny Seth


The British Are Coming. This signature introduction to all of Danny Seth’s tracks sums up the whole mantra of the London rapper. Based in LA, Danny Seth’s support is predominantly from the US. After moving there as a teenager, the upcoming rapper’s style largely draws upon US influences as opposed to UK ones as he tries to bridge the gap between the two hip-hop cultures. However, the main thing setting him apart from current West Coast rappers is his distinctive London accent. It is this sound that has seen Danny Seth sought after to work with rappers such as G Eazy  and A$AP Ferg.

Danny Seth’s newest project Perception showcases his variety, as the mixtape opens with a mysterious orchestral sample before going into a series of trap beats with the banger “I Arise Because” best showcasing his dynamic ability as an artist. It then switches up, most notably on “Past / Forever” in which the B-Side of the track transitions into an infectious headbanger that could easily be featured on a Danny Brown album. Seth then pays homage to his London roots with the track “Safe,” which sees him rap over a heavy grime beat sampling the classic “Oi” by More Fire Crew, however, this only lasts for 1 minute and 22 seconds: “Like Metro, boy they want more of it.”

The album is definitely a stepping stone towards Seth finding his unique sound as he toys with many sub-genres throughout. What is undeniable is his consistent delivery and flow which, given the right production in the future, could see Danny Seth blow up not just in the US, but also in his hometown of London. Features with the likes of G Eazy can only enhance his reputation and reach, with the song “Lotta That” reaching almost 20 million plays on Soundcloud.

The British are coming, I’m the rapping One Direction.



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