Broderick Batts’ “Pink Empty Promises”


Back in May when we talked to Broderick Batts we discussed many topics, one of those topics entailed the workings behind how he creates a single. Today, the Florida native is back with his new track “Pink Empty Promises.” After learning about his creative process, we learned that there are times where he gets into an argument with his girlfriend and he’d go on by saying ““I’ll get into a deep ass argument with my girlfriend and she’ll say something really powerful in the middle of an argument, and it’s like an intense argument, and I’m like babe hold on I gotta write this down.”

It’s a fun Easter egg to listen intently to his lyrics and find out what his girlfriend said that stuck out to him. Batts maintains his style with a forever-summertime-dreamscape instrumental and seamless sing-rap delivery. This is what makes Batts’ style is both interesting and musically appealing. The fact that Batts is capable of singing his own hooks and rapping should be enough reason to pay attention to the young artist.

TEN Music Group’s first signed rapper continues to make a strong impact in “Pink Empty Promises.” A major motif that’s recognizable off the bat is that the single is about girls. And girls. And more girls. What Batts basically talks about is life, because there isn’t really any point to life besides girls at this age. Batts keeps his flow dynamic and within 40 seconds he switches the tempo of his rapping up to match the pace of the instrumental. I never know what to expect from Batts’ playful delivery, a quality that will surely help him stay relevant in today’s ever-changing rap game.

The last time we talked, Broderick intended to release one more single following this one with TEN Music Group artist Elliphant and had an EP or mixtape slated for release in the future. If his previous singles are any indication of how the future projects will sound, they’ll definitely be worthy listens.

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