Listen: Cabin Fever 3 – Wiz Khalifa

Cabin Fever 3

Here’s something to make Taylor gang fans a little happier this Christmas season. Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa just dropped Cabin Fever 3, the third project to Khalifa’s Cabin Fever mixtape series! Hopefully, this project can silence the controversy surrounding Wiz over the past 2 years. Taylor Gang fans have been a little upset with Khalifa claiming he’s changed his style and that his music has taken a turn for the worst since leaving celebrity model Amber Rose. Let’s see if this new project can live up to the hype that the first and second Cabin Fever brought with songs like “Gangbang featuring Big Sean off the first Cabin Fever and “About Me” featuring Problem and Iamsu! off the second. Only time will tell whether or not Taylor gang fans will shout to the Lord for getting the, “Old Wiz” back, but until then, grab your rolling paper, trees and digest Cabin Fever 3 below.