Can Elzhi Breathe With Lead Poison?

elzhi Lead Poison

Revitalizing Detroit with his lyrical aptitude, Elzhi releases Lead Poison, an album many have been waiting five years for. Most of the singles that Elzhi’s released throughout this past winter have been littered with dark, heartfelt, and personal insights. This is where the Detroit-based rapper shines, solidifying Elzhi’s position as the next best rapper to come out of the Motor City. Elzhi recently dropped “INTROverted” before his debut release where he spits, “I’m just trying to pick up on my calling by eyeballing what it takes to feel like a giant versus the sky falling.” The rapper’s perfectionism clearly shines through his lyricism and if there’s any prospect to look out for in 2016, Elzhi’s the one.

Where Elmatic was a freshman album to stomp his foot down and make his name, Lead Poison exhales a breath of introspection based on singles like “COsign,” “Alienated,” “Two 16’s,” and a heartfelt Dilla tribute titled “February.” Lead Poison took Elzhi years to release, but it wasn’t from laziness or lethargy; it was depression that caused the delay. “When that stuff is inside of me and you consume it, and you conceal it, it can become poisonous,” Says Elzhi. “It can be poison into your heart, your mind, your body, your soul.” It takes a lot of strength to speak the truth about mental illness, especially with the negative connotations that surround them in America. Most think that if you have a mental illness you have a few screws missing rather than a few screws loose, and what Elzhi did to tighten them was make Lead Poison. He found his outlet and encourages others to do so. “Whatever it is, basketball, drawing, whatever,” Elzhi states. “You get it out of you, but I got it out the only way that I knew how, through my writing.”

Expect Lead Poison to be nothing less than a heavy listen.

While you can stream “INTROverted” below as well as his other singles on Soundcloud and Spotify, you can only catch the album today on iTunes and Apple Music.