Champagne and Pools kicks off the Happy Camper Tour

Champagne And Pools (feat. Blackbear & KYLE) - Hoodie Allen
Champagne And Pools (feat. Blackbear & KYLE) - Hoodie Allen

When people think of great trios De La Soul, TLC, and the Beastie Boys come to mind; but now you can add Hoodie Allen, Blackbear, and KYLE to that mix. While these three aren’t officially a trio, they all came together for Hoodies new track “Champagne and Pools” and the combination is excellent. This comes just before the three will embark on their Happy Camper Tour together in January 2016.

“Champagne and pools / Laying by the palm trees / What else do you want from me?”

Blackbear takes charge of the hook, using his raspy tone that really strikes listeners with a hard feeling. Hoodie and KYLE each share a pair of verses that both illustrate struggles that come with their fame, mainly from the way girls might use them and want other things than just their company. People want to be treated at their cribs, lounging poolside and taking advantage of what they can. Using all the material goods but not wanting anything real. The beat on this track is simple, but feels like it hits way harder. You can’t help but vibe and move to this joint.

Make sure to check out the Happy Camper Tour and see if these guys will be playing anywhere near you. In the meantime, check out “Champagne and Pools” below and let us know what you think in the comments. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?