Chance and his Puppets don’t do the “Same Drugs” no more.

Fresh off his Magnificent Coloring World tour Chance the Rapper has brought his puppets to the masses via his latest music video for “Same Drugs.” Going with the duet version of the Coloring Book hit adds the vocal talents of Eryn Allen Kane, John Legend, Macie Stewart and more. Chance once again delivers a beautiful visual that brings the song to life.

The ‘Wendy’ that is referred to in the song is given a voice and a puppet dressed like a Chicago club singer. Hollywoods own Jake Schreier take the directors seat on this one, choosing a simplistic setting. Muted colors add to the melancholy of the song, which is also built upon by the puppet coming alive and then returning to lifelessness on Chance’s shoulder. It’s somewhat odd seeing Chance, a perpetual fountain of positivity, somberly walk off the set of the music video as snow falls, but it serves its purpose and really gets the emotions going. The lone human in a world full of puppets, perhaps this is how Chance envisions the themes of the song. Colors also play a role in the mood cues as a blue background juxtaposes the refrain of “All you need is happy thoughts.”

Kane’s superb vocals also stand out; a collab album from the duo has massive potential and needs to happen. Why this isn’t the album version the the track is interesting to say the least, but thankfully Chance still blessed us with it in this video. So far everything that has been birthed from Coloring Book such as the tour, his television performances, and this video have all been exceptional as Chance refuses to plateau creatively. Peep the video below and for all things hip hop stay tuned to True Too.

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