Charles Hamilton – San Diego – North Park Theater

When the curtain promptly was lifted at 8 o’clock the lights were low and there were only about 25 people in the pit in front of me. This was shocking, definitely the least amount of people I have seen at this venue. Charles Hamilton was on stage only accompanied but his DJ, DJ Wizz Kid.

I have never really followed Charles Hamilton so I haven’t listened too much of his music. Wearing a chain wallet, plain white tee and a patterned button up I was ready for him to make me a fan. He started the show of with a nice funky track with Wizz Kid really getting into the scratching. He stopped rapping to appreciate a piano solo which was odd to see a man play air-piano while the tracked played. He then mentioned that was him playing, the crowd got into it and Charles was really energized by the crowd.

He then got on the piano to play as he raps to the next song. He went into some really impressive piano solos over the beat. He then went back on the mic to play a few more tracks including “New York Raining”. My favorite part of the show was when he free styled over Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin”. It was only about a 40 minute set and even though it was overall a good show I was never blown away

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