Cherry Bomb – Tyler, The Creator Album Review/Analysis

When asked by Larry King why he doesn’t like being labelled a rapper, Tyler said: ” I’m much more than that. I just like making stuff, and rhyming words together in a rhythm is just one of those things.” Tyler is one of my favourite artists, regardless of his music he is an inspirational figure. He embraced who he is, for good or bad and forces himself upon the world. If you’re ever bored, or looking for some motivation – scroll his twitter. Since before the fame, Tyler has been writing about what he’s going to do, who he’s going to work with and lots of it is preserved through social media. Just one example off the top of my head is him saying he’d one day have a big house with a trampoline in his room – which he now does. I am a Tyler and Odd Future fan not because of their music, but because what they represent. Their music is just an excellent byproduct of this, which to be honest I don’t always agree with, or like.

Now we come to the actual album, Cherry Bomb. It mirrors Tyler’s personality – inconsistent, abrasive, loud, reflective and sometimes just makes you go ‘what the hell’. I’ll be up front, there’s a few songs on the album that I really, genuinely don’t like.

He opens with Deathcamp, which literally sounds like a bonus track on a N*E*R*D album. This could almost be classified as a rock song,and I love it. Tyler flexes and talks about how different he is. “Blind n*ggas used to make fun of my vision, and now I’m paying mortgage and they’re stuck with tuition.” This is a common motif in his music, talking about how people used to tease him for being different and now he is successful while the people that followed the ‘normal’ societal plans are paying off their college tuition.

Buffalo see’s Tyler basically venting on a few recent events in his life, such as the Mountain Dew ad, his critics and such. My personal favourite is when he raps about leaving Supreme. “Sick of making n*ggas cabbage so I took the ‘preme off, should have bought some stock in it (Yo it’s fucked up, I get it, put a sock in it).” This line is super sick, especially the “put a sock in it” in the background, which is  a sneaky reference to his Golf Wang clothing line, which he has rapped about before, making money off socks.

The albums theme of flying is explored further in Pilot where Tyler decides it’s time for him to strive for his full potential, and not squander it. He wants to stop messing around, and fly until he can’t any more. This song is really sick… In parts. When he raps, it feels almost like the music is distorted, though on Twitter Tyler ensured that’s how it was supposed to sound, meeting whatever crazy thoughts he had for the song.

Next is Run, which is my least favourite song on the album. This is probably classified as a ‘turn up’ song, it’s doesnt really catch me and seems out of place with the rest of the songs. Find your wings is amazing. Tyler is a huge fan of jazz, with it’s fingerprints all over the album but this specific song would be at home in any jazz bar. This song literally makes me feel like I can achieve anything, without many lyrics at all “the skys your home, there’s no limit, you know you gotta find your wings”.

The title track Cherry Bomb brings back the distorted sound as Tyler ensists thats how he wants people to listen, with the volume up and distorted. I really don’t like this song, though it has a few random switches in the melody which are nice but this one’s not for me.  Blow my load in classic Tyler fashion, came to fruition when he saw a photo of british model Cara Delevigne. It’s literally a song about how bad he wants her. The lyrics are in his classic confronting, honest style and extremely dirty, though the melody is amazing. Another late night song, though be careful not to play it in front of your mum, might be a bit uncomfortable…

2seater is a competitor for my favourite song on the album. It’s a 2 part song and totally changes in the style of fish/boppin bitch from Goblin. This song has heavy soul elements, and again the melody is crazy nice. Tyler is spot on with the production. The brown stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 1-6 (Remix) is a more straightforward rap song. Tyler gets Schoolboy Q to help out on this one. It sounds like 90% of the new release songs in the game right now, which is exactly the point. The brilliance of this song is that as Tyler raps, he’s making fun of all the mainstream dumb rappers, but still spitting hotter stuff than they do. It’s sick. “boy, I hit the block like I hate legos, they know they got 30 seconds; Jared Leto, before they see the halos and I reload the ammo.”

Fucking young/perfect is a 2 part song. First part explores Tyler falling in love with a girl 6 years younger than him (Maybe Tyga would like this one), and the second is a duet with Kali Uchis. The song’s title represents the thoughts of both Tyler and the girl, as Tyler thinks she’s “fucking young” while she thinks he’s “perfect”, and lyrics of the song explore both their feelings. It’s a great song, and continues the tradition of the tenth song on Tyler’s albums being in two parts.

  • Bastard: VCR/Wheels
  • Goblin: Fish/Boppin Bitch
  • Wolf: Partyisntover/Campfire

The next song, Smuckers is insane. Tyler get’s Lil Wayne & Kanye West on the track. He even trades lines with Wayne, which is insane. It goes to show how much these legends (no matter how you feel about him) respect and admire this young guy, Tyler who you have to remember is only 24 years old. Wayne kills both Yeezy and Tyler, which Tyler admitted on twitter, thanking him for it. “I stick my rollie in her mouth, let the time come.”

On Keep da O’s Tyler get’s his idol, Pharrell on the track which he described as the best moment of his life. This one is sick as it’s Tyler talking to his own ego, which is an awesome concept.

He closes the album with Okaga, Ca which is about Tyler taking his girl on this journey through life with him. The same overall concept  of this album is “finding your wings”, which is a metaphor for discovering yourself and what you love is also mirrored in this song. “cause we’re fleeing to the moon, fuck earth we’re sick of ya’ll” brings another metaphor that the sky isn’t the limit, and Tyler is exceeding it because he’s so happy and positive with his life.


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.45.47 pm

This new emotional and psychological optimism is overpowering the negative themes that makes up Tyler’s earlier work in Goblin and Bastard. Cherry Bomb is an exploration of Tyler’s happiness and optimism, an album to motivate you to be yourself and follow your dreams. I might not be exactly a fan of every song on the album, but as a Tyler, The Creator fan I can appreciate that every single melody, sound and verse on the album sounds exactly as he wanted it to. Not necessarily how anyone else wants it. That kind of attention to detail is inspiring, he is a true artist. That’s what makes me a fan, Tyler knows that not every song is for everyone, he makes art for himself, and a by-product of that is people enjoy it. Tyler’s not a rapper, he’s an artist and this is another piece of art.


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Another product of Tyler's genius, even if I don't fully understand him. (who does).