Chief Keef – Bang 3 – Album Review

Ever heard the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side?” When I think about Bang 3, this is what I think of. Plenty of people have expressed their distaste about Chief Keef’s sometimes unintelligible, heavily autotuned rapping, and with Bang 3 he does something about it.

Yep, you’ll actually be able to understand ALMOST every word Keef says. (No guarantees.)

Bang 3 is definitely the most “normal” piece of work Chief Keef has ever released. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s sold out; because at the essence the music is similar to what you’d expect from a Chief Keef release all while being the most commercialised piece he’s produced. I have kind of 2 reactions to this:

1. Maybe he’s finally growing up, and evolving in his music – I like this
2. Where’s the old Sosa that I can barely understand with the mad ad-libs?

I liken Chief Keef’s music and Trap/Drill music as a whole to a cheesy action movie. Sure, you know it’s not going to win any awards, but sometimes it’s nice to just throw one on and enjoy it for what it is. This train of thought makes me miss Sosa’s more raw, unpolished works. I want to hear him in the background yelling “Bang Bang!,” ”O’ Block!,” “Lessgetit!” etc., but most of these ad-libs are not present on Bang 3.

Having said that, change can be good, and that’s certainly the case with Bang 3. Consisting of the usual catchy beats and hooks that we’ve seen from Sosa before, the lyrical content mostly mirrors his previous works. Everything is what you’d expect from the artist with Keef bragging about drugs, guns, women and cars, though he does seem less aggressive on this tape with lines like:

I remember having pistol fights, now I’m having food fights

Ain’t missing You” actually sees Sosa pay tribute to his deceased cousin Big Glo. It’s a brand new style for Sosa, and is heavy on your emotions as he reminisces about life with his cousin. The song has a heartfelt message within and certainly hits you where you wouldn’t expect when it comes to Sosa’s prior works.

Keef shows he still has the ability to think up catchy and grabbing punchlines which simultaneously makes you laugh and also feel tough at the same time. Not many other rappers can make you feel like such a gangsta while sipping coffee on your break at work with:

Daredevil with a cane cause I’m shootin’ like I’m blind” (Superheroes ft. A$AP Rocky)


Catch you with the hammer, I don’t dance” (Millions)

Now would it even be a Chief Keef project without somehow dissing your mum?

Smoking ganja, counting commas, fucking thotties, I probably fucked yo momma” (I Just Wanna)

There are a variety of bangers on the album which you’ll want to add to your regular Chief Keef playlist for sure. The headliner is definitely “Superheroes,” which is my favourite song on the album. While A$AP Rocky overshadows Sosa’s verse, the song is awesome – and includes heaps of superhero references (No surprise there). Chief Keef comparing himself to Batman? Yep, I’m in. Most of the songs have catchy hooks that I’ve found myself walking around singing, particularly “Facts.” Other standouts include “I Just Wanna” and “Cappin.”

Overall, Bang 3 is a solid mixtape which shows the massive amounts of potential that Sosa carries to create good music. With some amazing production done by himself, the mixtape blends his usual brand of reckless Drill music while also including softer elements which gives me hope that Chief Keef is maturing away from the violent culture of “Chiraq,” and actually raising awareness about crime rather than glorifying it. The tape was really enjoyable. If you’re already a Chief Keef fan, definitely pick this one up, if not, it’s a great jumping-in point. Bang 3 is a solid release from Sosa who’s only 19, and shows promise for him to get his career back on track.

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