Code Green Is Here To Stay, Capisce?

Code Gree Capisce

We have had to wait over a year for new Code Green. No more.

At last, the trio follows up on their debut EP 7 Day Trip. Code Green hails from Rhode Island but currently reside in Los Angeles. They include members Nesi, ER with the dreads, and Evo.

Last week they dropped “Capisce,” the atmospheric theme to their favorite Italian phrase. The track producer Overdos lays some synths and bells over snares to provide the foundation. Them boys do the rest.

Undoubtedly, the reverberating hook resonates first upon conclusion:

all of my dawgs / they gotta eat / talking in CODE / like CAPISCE

you get knocked off / that shit sweet / talking in CODE / like CAPISCE

“Capisce” also features ER dropping an aggressively braggadocio 2nd verse:

I’m the type to pull up on ya on ya wedding day / fuck your bitch right before you say your vows

fuck your bitch and your smile / fuck your clique and your pile

Straight savage.

The single takes you on a modern day chopped ‘n screwed meets auto-tuned echo chamber. Think Travis Scott collaborating with one of those eerie haunted house organ players. Throw in some bars, and they’ve got the makings of a certified banger! What a way to start the new year.

So what’s next for the boys in green? We can (hopefully) expect a complementary visual coming:

Otherwise, check back here for updates on the trio as they continue to make moves.

Make sure to also peep True Too’s exclusive interview on Code Green here, where you can learn more about the guys and their story. Stream that new new “Capisce” below, and for all things hip hop keep reading at True Too.


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