Code Green Drops Their First Single This Summer

Code Green I Know I Know
Code Green I Know I Know

The official start of summer is exactly one week away and it’s shaping up to be an exceptionally green season. Yesterday, Rhode Island-based trip-hop trio Code Green debuted their newest single, “I Know I Know,” through HipHopDX.

The track was the first song that the trio recorded after moving to LA around this time last year. It’s billed as a standalone single leading up to the group’s upcoming album, 7 Day Trip, set to release later this year. The project is in their own words, “An audio journey. We’re trying to provide different color schemes in which every song (color) is a different part of this trip. This is more hits.”

The atmospheric trap beat on “I Know I Know” contains hard-hitting drums, constant hi-hat, and loud, resonating bells. Code Green has been known to harmonize quite well and this single is no exception. To further display their talents they’ve also developed a unique hook which entails multiple rhyme schemes. As a whole the track portrays their journey: kickin’ it with gorgeous women, keepin’ it 100, and experiencing whack artists that are in their way.

I know I know, I’ve been stuck on the road //

They cannot sell me more…of that bullshit, no no. //

Beyond this, “I Know I Know” is about being yourself and embracing your own essence. In their case, the three musicians embarked on their journey to the City of Angels to create music and remain grounded as both a group and as individuals.

A verse by Evo and a guest verse from Bobby James of North Carolina encapsulate the aura that is “I Know I Know.” Warranting a play during a spliff session or a stack counting sit-down, the laid back track is a certified banger.

Listen to “I Know I Know” below and check out our exclusive feature on the trio. Stay up date with Code Green: SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, #LiveByCG

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