Code Green Drops A Visual Stunner Featuring King Mez

Code Green Too Silly Remix Music Video King Mez

Code Green might have just dropped the most visually brilliant music video of 2017. Feast your eyes on the beauty below:

The Providence, Rhode Island trio is riding the waves from their debut EP, 7 Day Trip, which they released late last year. Their new video remixes one of their most popular tracks, “Too Silly.”

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Directed by ARX,  “Too Silly Remix” features an outside contribution from King Mez, widely known for his appearances on Dr. Dre’s Compton. The visual is a seamless and continuous transition from filming in an LA parking garage to cartoons illustrating the four artists to a Japanese style backdrop. The images, by the animator Aniports, are incredible. They portray the guys rapping and dancing according to the initial filming, but as a collection of paint strokes fading into and out of reality in this toon world. At the end, the four metamorphose into what I imagine is all of their spirit animals: ER as a bull, Evo as a wolf, Nesi as a polar bear, and King Mez as a transformer.

Code Green Too Silly Remix King Mez

The video perfectly encompasses Code Green and their style. The trio creates harmonious music, smoothly transitioning between their singing and rapping abilities, as does the video, which flows impeccably between reality and fiction.

Overall it was great refresh for the song and just a fun experience in general.

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