Code Green’s New Music Video “Damn I Took Too Many!”

Code Green‘s been putting in work and it’s showing. Their new music video for the track “Damn I Took Too Many!” features tripped out visuals alongside a vibing single; the trap-trio’s change of location from Providence, Rhode Island to start their music career in Los Angeles and the newfound California influences shine in the visuals. Since then, Code Green has formed a grass roots movement behind their brand and have been steadily gaining traction. Director ARX and assistant Josh Dancu do well to illustrate the emotions evoked in track through film as drugs, partying, and hindsight lace themselves throughout the whole song. With evocative visuals accompanying, the team in charge of production make the video entertaining to say the least.

Code Green’s smooth hook slides in and introduces the verse with smooth and practiced transitions, an obvious mark of artistic development and growth for the young trio. The lo-fi instrumental caresses your ears, ambient and complimenting the lyrics provided. The trio consist of Evo, ER (With the Dreads), and Nesi. The three met back in high school in the year 2008 through a mutual friend and soon after formed their crew to make music after immediately clicking on a substantial and organic level. Taken from our interview with them back in November, Code Green has since been releasing other tracks while followers patiently wait for Seven Day Trip. 

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