Collective Dialect has “New Views”

Everyone has a different view on life. Not all of us are all looking down at all of Canada (Drake), and not all of us are in the position we might want to be. When we do progress toward our goals, things often can change and the views that you might have once been used to aren’t what they were. You hear it often enough; artists have to sometimes drop everything and focus on their one goal if they really are serious about the music. This means people who you thought were your “friends or “supporters” might fall back and reveal their true colors. Once artists gain some ground, those people are the exact ones who come crawling back. North Carolina hip-hop duo Collective Dialect knows exactly about that. On their track “New Views” the duo is addressing the fakes, relationships, money, and their new perspectives on life. Listen below:

“New Views” is sharing the same sentiment that Chance the Rapper‘s “No Problem” does. Labels, don’t come and play with Collective Dialect; they have no plans of selling out and letting these old rich dudes, or “corporate cocksuckers” ruin their careers. This track feels perfect for the fall time. While it holds a slower tempo, the emotion helps represent a change. There’s a very punk vibe to this track, with the grimy, no-fucks-given attitude. “New Views” really gives you that motivation to stand up to the man (principal, boss, dick grandpa, parents, or whatever your “man” may be) and let ’em have it.

Collective Dialect is definitely starting off the new month right with this one and “New Views” will be in our collective heavy rotation from here on out. You’d be wise to do the same. If you dig “New Views,” take a listen to Collective Dialect’s EP Dog Daze below and stay keen to True Too for all the freshest in hip-hop.

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