Colorado’s own Sweeney hits it with ‘Hades’


Colorado’s Hip-hop scene is strange. They don’t have too many notable names coming out of the state other than India Arie and the Flobots. So while there has been a Hip-hop scene, the problem is that their styles all seem mimicked to follow trends from coast to coast. While identity crisis relies on a community to struggle with and overcome, prospect Sweeney from Boulder, Colorado has found a perfect mix of originality and inspiration.

“Hades” [prod. by Alexander Preston] is Sweeney’s latest single and leaves no time to waste. A dark, smooth, and ominous instrumental slowly builds for Sweeney’s entrance which is amplified when the bass hits. The motifs that Sweeney spits about aren’t original, sure, but that’s not the point. It’s a formula that works and he makes that work to his advantage. Sweeney keeps his lines tied together with an overlying theme of the underworld. Lines like “Hades been throwing the shade because he knows I’m not paying my debts/Making a killing off all of the souls that I hang ’round my neck” snowball into a climactic effort of delivery within his verses. While that’s good, what’s great is that his tempo transfers well into his hook. Sweeney’s melodic efforts swing it back to keep you tied into “Hades,” a difficult feat to accomplish.

Like London’s Adian Coker, Sweeney is a prospect without the proper network. It’s apparent that the artist has the chops to be played on the radio with his given talent. What’s unfortunate about the music business is that when an artist strives to enter the game they enter into a pool of other sharks fighting for the lime light. There are those that give up too soon and those that persist. Whether or not Sweeney continues to work for exposure is entirely in his hands.

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