DAME DOLLA drops ANOTHER new song?

photo via Adidas
photo via Adidas

I’m sure Damian Lillard has a LOT of free time this offseason. Probably helping his homie’s pack up and move out of town while also working on elevating his game to the next level (the 125 Million over 5 years level). It looks like DAME DOLLA has been making use of this time and spending in the booth, releasing his second song (check out his first here) in a matter of 2 weeks.

His second song “Full Stomach” uses Kanye’s beat from Common’s hit song “The Food” (2005). Lillard seems confident in his abilities on the mic, so confident in fact, that he takes shots at Kendrick and J.Cole?

“Never been a walk of life for me, it’s always been a jog..
And ima tell you what you feed the mind ultimately grows
I feed wisely and now I’m just reaping what I sewed
Conscious rap up in my speakers, Kendrick and jcole
Why they askin who the best rapper in the league when they know… Dame Lillard”

Should we become accustom to hearing Dame drop new songs every week? I sure hope so. While we wait for his album to drop, peep “Full Stomach” below and let us know what you think.