Danny From Sobrante brings the grit back with Shoebox Money 2

Signed to NBA superstar Damian Lillard’s Front Page Music, Danny From Sobrante is back with his latest project, Shoebox Money 2. This tape makes you feel like you’re listening to the gritty mixtapes of old. If you’re a fan of Freddie Gibbs or even Rick Ross, Shoebox Money 2 is probably something you should throw in your rotation.

Danny is a man all about his roots – clearly from his rap name – but you can hear that even clearer in his music. The rhymes on the project are raw and run deep, and combined wih the many hard beats throughout, Shoebox Money 2 really packs a punch. The tape runs for 11 tracks and really brings back that old school vibe. No bells and whistles, just Danny coming at you on the mic with full force. Danny has Dame on the intro track giving a few words about the project and to Danny, setting the stage for the rest to come. If you need a place to start it’s a safe pick to just go right to “Backdoor Me” after the intro. Its smooth hook is a great contrast to the rough toned raps on the verses. Another highlight is definitely “Fightin 4 Right,” as it features one of the best beats on the whole tape.

I be fightin for right / Sometimes I be wrong / I keep a strap, cause I plannin’ on living long

Danny From Sobrante is bringing back the grit to hip hop on Shoebox Money 2 and that’s something to be celebrated. Because you can never have enough grit. Never. It’s always good to hear some old school gangster rap in a time where we don’t always get that traditional vibe thrown our way. Take a listen to all of Shoebox Money 2 here and let us know what you think in the comments section. Then be sure to keep on True Too for all things hip hop.

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