Dave Childz – Forever Real – EP Review

Dave Childz Forever Real (2015)
Dave Childz - Forever Real (2015)

New York-based rapper and producer Dave Childz was born in none other than the birthplace of hip hop itself, The Bronx. It is only fitting then that Dave radiates as a well-rounded individual within his style of hip hop. From producing to spitting every verse to singing the melodic hooks, Forever Real comes together into a pure Dave Childz record. His storytelling capabilities laid over the complementary instrumentals emanate a sense of cohesiveness within the project. Additionally, Forever Real contains no features; The EP breathes relentless work ethic, personality, and is a true solo representation of the holistic hip hop artist.

Forever Real consists of 7 total songs. Dave divides the project into two major parts, separated by the mid-project interlude “Thursday Nights at the Hyatt.”  The first half speaks mainly on his struggles and hard work to perfect his craft.

The opening song, “Do Better,” contains production that reminisces of the contemporary R&B artist, the Weeknd. Straight out of the gates, Dave switches up his flow throughout the song, expanding on his verbal spectrum. He immediately introduces his ideals on a main girl and the current status of himself within his rapping timeline. Dave also manages to sing the hook well, which remains essential on this type of instrumental.

The next cut, entitled “The Crew,” brings high energy with its classically-influenced production transformed into a contemporary banger. Dave’s southern-influenced high pitched flow speaks on the “when the shit hits the fan, we all still with the fam” type of message. The bridges between each verse transition into a beat drop and subsequent explosion of in-your-face flow that culminates energy levels in a exceptional manner.

Succeeding the low key smooth transitional interlude, the second half of Forever Real transitions more into depictions on his girl problems and getting faded on the regular. The first choice unofficial single from the EP, “4AM,” contains an interesting singing hook with whiny echo sound effects. The first verse on the song acts as a warm-up for the second verse with Dave absolutely going off on the mic before the A$AP Rocky-like transition into the calmer part of the song.

My personal favorite cut from Forever Real has to be “DRVNK.” The smooth beat coupled with his hyped flow makes for a very interesting mix; I dig it. The manner in which Dave blends his inebriated gift of gab over a chill beat to produce a party anthem accentuates him as an artist. Lyrics such as

She said she got a couple good friends, but her friends bad // House drinking like the bad girls club yeah I’m in that. // I use the name as a password, tryna hit everything lasting to the last word (word).

do not revolutionize the way I see the world, but the MC skillfully drifts through them, making me inevitably head nod in rhythm.

The final joint, “Forever Real,” brings the project back full circle to Dave’s struggle to make something with his life. The producer, rapper and sound engineer is putting in the work while his competition is sleeping. The atmospheric and melodic instrumental and beautiful back vocals create an inspirational outro to a very promising future. The simplistic, yet largely moving song caps the EP at an emotionally high note.

After listening to Forever Real, it remains evident that Dave Childz took inspiration within his sound from various artists, including UGK, Drake, The Weeknd, and others. The New York-based artist has a significant southern influence, similar to that of A$AP Rocky. At the same time, he simultaneously plugs his own R&B ambiance and nails hooks with his singing and producing skills.

Unfortunately, Forever Real tends to drag on at points, with bonafide cliche rap topics and phrases. Due to this, the album somewhat suffers from lack of innovation. This misstep of his remains a tough obstacle to overcome, but Dave Childz has the overall artistic ability to succeed and separate himself from every other rapper out there. His ability to formulate, create, execute and overall produce every sound on his own project will set him above the rest if he continues his current trend.

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Our Rating

7 Solid release with some cliche moments

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