Dead Again 3 – Supa Bwe EP Review


If you were to google search Supa Bwe, the saddest thing about his new project is how overlooked he seems to be. Supa Bwe’s Dead Again 3 is actually a catchy and well-rounded project, yet most outlets only headline the fact that the Chicago MC enlisted the help of his friend and uber star Chance the Rapper for a guest spot.

Fresh out of the group Hurt Everybody, Bwe is one of the lesser known Chicago names that are often pegged as next to blow and on Dead Again 3, the musical dexterity backs up that title. A bouncy sing song EP that serves listeners as his official introduction as a solo artist, Bwe effortlessly switches between Roy Woods and more traditional sub heavy trap throughout the project. Like any artist still figuring out their lane though, certain parts of the tape work much better than others.

“Ima Dog” has a lurking menace that coasts along at largely the same dynamic level, never fully breaking into the banger that is skulking, whereas “Come Over” is a dripping mess of AutoTune and synths that ends up being one of the stronger solo cuts on the album. “Icy Type” showcases Bwe soliloquizing about his diamonds over minimalist menacing production courtesy of Bwe and fellow Chicagoan Chinza Fly.

Bwe wisely saves the majority of his features for the back end of the EP, likely to avoid being upstaged by fellow Chicagoans Mick Jenkins and Twista, both of whom come through and deliver verses in their inimitable styles. “Cowgirl” with Twista is a slow burning jam that culminates in a classic machine gun fire Twista verse about his girl’s riding prowess – “Breakfast & Chill” is an almost Drake-esque level of angst wherein Bwe asks “Can I come over, can I come crash?/Can I come over, would you be down with that?”

As for Chance the Rapper‘s track, “Fool Wit It Freestyle” and the preceding track “Internet (Connection)” are both undeniably New Chicago influenced in the best way possible and stand as the most accessible tracks on the project. Dead Again 3 also serves as a vehicle to bring more attention to Bwe’s newest group, Fight Me. 

You can listen to the whole project below and make sure you stay tuned to True Too for everything hip hop.

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