An Open Letter To Donald Glover

(Photo by Mark Horton/Getty Images)

Dear Donald,

I’m not going to lie the inspiration of this letter came after rereading your instagram letter, in which you wrote all your inner feelings and insecurities for the whole internet to read. This happened in the winter of 2013 right before your second studio album Because The Internet was going to be released. What really stood out to me was you writing about your record label not wanting to release the album in the winter. I know you are always insecure about yourself but that same album has almost reached Gold Certification and got a Grammy nominated for rap album of the year! That’s really impressive Donald!

I know we have never met before but it’s been awhile since you’ve been in the news so I wanted to reach out to you. Rumors have it that you are currently working on your own TV show titled Atlanta, which you are actually writing, directing and starring in. That is truly amazing.

Last fall you released a free mixtape and an album for purchase. While critically these projects weren’t taken very well I really appreciate what you’re doing for music. It seems that you are trying to push the creative boundary and move culture forward. Your album Kauai features a lot of singing mixed with a few rap verses. It’s an album made to capture the summer time Hawaii vibe. My favorite track has to be “The Palisades” featuring Christian Rich which features a constant guitar riff which makes the song sound very much like a Pharrell joint. This song is meant to be played while at the beach with your friends. I also like how you are sort of mentoring Jaden Smith (or “The Boy”), allowing him to preform many spoken word pieces throughout the album which also add to the Vacation mood. This is a feel good album made so people can have fun hanging out at a barbeque in the summer. The main single “Sober” made many people compare you to Michael Jackson. How are you dealing with that?  Ludwig producing this beat with a constant piano harmony allows you to truly show of your singing ability with a smooth high pitched tone. I thought the music video was brilliant.



You have been in hiding recently deleting your twitter and Instagram in protest against the verdict made in Eric Garner case and many similar to it. So there hasn’t been much communication from you but a few months ago you went on a morning show and commented on the rumor that “Childish Gambino rap career is coming to an end”. You said you’ll never stop music but maybe that part of your life is coming to an end. Although I did hear a rumor you were starting to work on a new album. While I love blasting some Bino in the whip I understand if you feel like you need to move on. I guess all good things must come to an end. Speaking of that I still haven’t recovered from you leaving Community, I’m sure you know it’s actually doing really well with Yahoo but you are always welcome to go back to school and rejoin the show. I hope you never stop doing what you feel like you need to do but us Fambinos will never stop shouting “Donald for Spiderman!” Good luck with the new show. Let’s talk soon.



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