Dela Parks ft. Felly in “Running Away”




The Soundcloud description of Dela Parks new track with Felly“Running Away” reads “overdue.” Overdue is exactly what introduces the charm of this track.
Dela Parks, a group comprised of Jack and Joe Kerwin, makes the bit rate of the synths they produce seem like a criminal understatement. It works perfectly, though, introducing the summertime feel of the song at an early point.

The Boston-based group attributes their instrumentation on combining a self-proclaimed “variety of unique influences.” Live instrumentation is no stranger in their production either.

Charm is what runs this single and Dela Parks wastes no time utilizing it. The Youth Lagoon guitar licks during Felly’s verse are a perfect transition from the already fantastic synths.
There’s a standout verse on this song that includes typical teenage questioning; with some of the highlights describing the price of college and the backlash he faces from something so simple like smiling. Eventually, the verse crumbles down and falls right back into the hook which isn’t only catchy, but just like the synths, establishes the entire mood of the song just 10 seconds in.

“I’m running a wave, pick up with the pace, I’m stuck in my brain.” In the middle of all these lines is some of the best harmonizing I’ve heard in an underground song in a while. The layering of a higher octave when it comes to the harmonizing is reminiscent of artists like James Blake, who tends to capture a vibe that’s the total opposite of being a teenager in the summertime.
This is essential summertime music, this is essential confused-youth music, and it’s right in time for summer break.

To listen to Dela Parks’ new track “Running Away,” check it out below. For more on all things Hip-hop and other Boston-based artists like producer Seneca B, keep reading on at Truetoo.



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