Denzel Curry – San Diego – North Park Theater

The show surprisingly started right on time. At 7 the curtains raised and a DJ began to play for about 10 minutes. This was cool to get the crowd warm but people didn’t really get to into the music. Then all the lights shut off and what looked like an intro to a video game started playing.

Then Denzel ran onto the stage and the crowd went wild. Unfortunately I’m not his biggest fan so I was unable to recognize most of his tracks but he started the set off with a lot of energy. After the first track he made everyone close their eyes and put their hands up for a moment of silence. After that very intimate moment he started getting everyone to go wild. He would often go down to the crowd and rap his verses against the front barrier. He did give a few Dragon Ball Z references and even asked the crowd who their favorite character was. Vegeta won. My favorite part of the show was when he did an A cappela freestyle. He had some really impressive word play but also delivered the rap with a lot of energy behind it.

He then played “Threats” and it was by far the most hype part of the show, two separate mosh pits started and even though the venue was less than half way full everyone was moving. It was only about a 45 minute set and even though he was only the first opening act I was very impressed by his overall energy through out the show.