The Pressure is High For Desiigner. Can He Handle it?

Image via Marco Lombardo

Who the hell would’ve thought that just a mere 30 days for Sidney Selby III, also known as Desiigner, could be enough for him to become one of rap’s most buzzed about names? Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Desiigner was initially just another aspiring rapper trying to get his foot in the door until he was flung headfirst into fame with Kanye West sampling his track “Panda” on “Pt.2” of The Life of Pablo. Along with that sample, he also featured a short verse of his on the track “Freestyle 4.” Selby has been signed to G.O.O.D Music since then and “Panda” has been played over  4 million times on SoundCloud, elevating the 6’5, 19 year old to stardom in the rap game. This new found fame has brought a lot of opportunities to the rapper, like performing at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, to spitting a rapid fire acappella freestyle on Tim Westwood. It probably hasn’t been all fun and games for him since he’s been deemed one of the most exciting rappers to look out for. The publicity, money, and fame may be great, but with this new found fame comes a lot of pressure for him to succeed as an artist. The question is, can he handle it?

Being co-signed by one of the most influential rappers in the game is a big deal but that comes with a lot of high expectations. Desiigner has proven that he can make a hit song. That’s definitely not a problem since Panda just reached #1 on the Billboard charts. Can that single, however, bring about a successful mix tape? When is he going to release another track? Will his newer music silence those who constantly compare him to Future? Or will he embrace the comparisons for publicity? To be fair, we don’t know much about the rapper other than the fact that he’s got broads in a city he’s apparently never even been to. While we don’t need to know his life story, we know the pressure for him to bring about a successful project is quite high considering the fact that he’s signed to one of the most esteemed labels in the game, G.O.O.D. Music. 

One of the only potential clues that we’ve dug up is an Instagram post on April 8th with his face photo shopped onto Prince’s iconic album Purple Rain(RIP), saying that the mixtape is “Coming soon,” a phrase that not too many people are a fan of.  Once upon a time, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment said Surf was “Coming soon” and fans are probably still traumatized after having to wait so long for that. Lil Wayne said Tha Carter V was “Coming soon,” granted Weezy had some other issues to attend to. “Coming soon” can mean anything, so there shouldn’t be any hopes until we have some more proof.

Through all this speculation and skepticism, there is one thing we know about Desiigner: he’s got no problem with performing. Not only does he know how to hype up the crowd, the guy damn near loses his mind from picking up a disabled fan to throwing up mid-performance and still finishing his set. Call it gross if you want, but you got to admire his will to finish what he started.

Desiigner has a lot of potential. He’s a hell of a performer, but in order for him to avoid the shelf like many other artists or even worse, become a one-hit wonder, he needs to release something soon. An album, mixtape, EP, anything to prove that he’s more than just that tall dude that put out a song about comparing a fuzzy bear to a BMW X6. There has to be something special about him if Kanye signed him and Mike Dean is said to be executive producing his album. What really matters is whether or not the world will see it and more importantly, whether or not they’ll embrace it.

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