Dolphinhood’s “Benefits” is alluring and inspired


Here at Truetoo we’re into some weird shit. A couple of months ago our team almost broke out in civil war, picking sides on who ate/would eat ass and who would/wouldn’t grace brown glory wells. Why do I bring this up? Besides obvious credentials to provide how weird we are, Dolphinhood’s new music video and single “Benefits” is just as weird and rad to boot. Adult Swim has been down with Hip-hop for a long time now and Hood totally fits their zone. Dark, alluring, and inspired, Dolphinhood catches you by surprise.


Listen, when I tell you that we get a lot of music submissions every day asking to get featured on our website please do everything in your power to believe me. The ones that we feature are diamonds in the rough trying to get noticed, and “Benefits” was shocking as hell thanks to Dolphin’s incredibly dynamic flow. Despite his nothing-out-of-the-ordinary weed, bitches, cars lyricism he still manages to go the whole nine yards. What sets him apart is his ability to provide these motifs by more unique means than the vast amount of other MCs. It’s evident that he’s a writer first and a rapper second, exhibited by keeping his similes concise and together. In two bars he relates his bad bitch to stanzas and haikus, in one he describes his game with punchlines “bible” and “disciple,” and the whole track is littered in inspiration from names like Drake, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, and Hemingway. That’s something we like to call delivery. The single’s marinated in consumer accessibility while still being able to pave its own path; that takes serious tact to do.

The haunting piano keys within the track are simple enough and are hammered out perfectly to match the tone in his voice. Along with the hook and the stereo-grinding bass, Dolphinhood’s a jack of all trades, evident by hitting on every style of Hip-hop he possibly can.

Stay tuned for more about Dolphinhood, and for more on current events and all things great about Hip-hop, keep reading on at Truetoo.

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