Dr.Compressor – Doctor’s Orders – Review

Dr. Compressor - Doctor's Orders
Dr. Compressor - Doctor's Orders

If you think about rap and hip-hop today and how easy it is for an artist to get their music out, Soundcloud begins to look more like a blessing rather than a simple website. It’s a website for those that’ve not gotten recognition for their music on a professional level a platform to put out their music for the world to hear. Soundcloud gives aspiring and professional artists a place to put their free music without the hassle of everyone scrambling to find it. One of Soundcloud’s many artists is Dr. Compressor, a producer who’s project Doctor’s Orders sparked my interest enough to give it a listen.

This project is fairly short with only 7 instrumental tracks, with no names to them but Roman numerals. Although Dr. Compressor tries to make these beats melodic and head bopping, he comes up short on both ends of the stick. These beats were not worth humming or even imagining my favorite rapper spitting a verse on. From the ten minutes of listening to this project, I was already pretty adamant in my belief that he has a long way to go if he hopes to be a more renowned producer. The production wasn’t bad but it lacked a sense of style, grittiness, or variation to them. There was no discernable aesthetic and to sum it up in one word, flat. Not once was there a time in this project when I bobbed my head in response to the beat being intriguing. The man has the technical ability to work a beat machine, but overall this project was nothing out of the ordinary. Track “III” for example begins with a simple kick, tambourine and a snare, but as that carries on for another 2 minutes, the monotony takes a toll that’s too long to bear. Tracks like “IIII” and “V” would repeat the same sounds and patterns for the remainder of the track once the beat was solidified, thus making it redundant. No abrupt cuts, filters, switch-ups, or synthesizers of any sort.

Dr. Compressor is someone who has quite a bit of potential to be something special so long as he provides his audience with a little variation. The rap and hip-hop game is constantly changing and redundancy, especially when making beats, will get you nowhere fast.

Our Rating

2 Uninteresting and redundant. Work needs to be done