Dream “Super Big” with Leondro


Positive rap is tricky. It’s hard to pull off the authenticity factor that’s so key in the genre, it even manages to confuse Logic.

Leondro’s new single “Super Big” has its sights set so far above any cloud imaginable, though, that it doesn’t even seem to be a problem. Rappers have time and time again gone through the process of learning how to handle their environments at the turn of their pubescent or teenage years. Yet almost every single time they cave and make mistakes. It’s the basis of so many songs we hear today, post-GKMC. Leondro caved around his 20’s after getting in trouble with the authorities. His mother sought to get her son out of that life not as a challenge, but just as another sacrifice.
“Super Big” is a song that contains a message many rappers have written about through the lifespan of hip-hop: the work that a self-sacrificing mother has to go through. What makes the song so interesting is that Leondro is evokes such exuberance that you can’t help but realize that this isn’t just an ode to a mother who gave her all but the pure excitement of a child who’s grown up and fully realized it as well.

“When I was a kid I never listened to what you say.”

The song features Canadian rapper Yoko Gold and has every aspect of an atypical upbeat song. The guitar licks, the Hey Mama vocoder yodeling and the overly passionate hook. It all works well and it’s a great listen, but what’s even more satisfying is the action Leondro is taking with the track.
Leondro premiered “Super Big” at the Easter Seals Telethon in Toronto on April 10th on CBC. They raised a total of 3.2 million USD and all funds that were raised go towards helping children who live with physical disabilities in Ontario. More information can be found on his official website. It’s always a refreshing sight to see artists use their platform for good and give back to their community through their art like Leondro. You can listen to “Super Big” below and let us know what you think in the comments section
Leondro Easter Seals Telethon