Drinking Memories Away With Mr. Williams

25 is the atomic number of manganese. 25 was the same number Barry Bonds sported. The Quran lists 25 prophets. Mr. Williams is sitting on 25 youtube subscribers.

In a janky and hazy manner, Mr. Williams sings/raps for a little over 4 minutes about the confusion women bring to the other guys in rap. The guys who still haven’t given up on girls.
In reality, ever since 808s and Heartbreak, hip-hop has found a new group of artists that feel exactly that. Through all the general undertones of sadness and heartbreak, there’s always an ounce of hope. It’s what pushes that artist to keep singing about that one girl and Williams is no different.

With the cold eyes of the Devil’s #1 advocate, Mr. Williams takes a formula that’s been once and once again proven to be significantly successful only to prove that exact point. Dripped in autotune and with heavy reliance on the extremely catchy hook, Williams just adds another solid song in the mixed bag of post-808 singer/rappers.

What DOES make Williams stand out completely different from others is the video. Not much about it presents new mind-bending ideas, but what sticks from the get-go is one of the coldest faces and attitudes in all of hip hop. The drunk-walking down the park, the nonchalant demeanor while reading his phone, it all works so well. While it’s fairly normal to see an artist down on his luck with a song focused on longing, it’s done with wholesome and heartfelt results. If Mr. Williams fully embraces tragic events that impact our everday lives, he could easily be a standout.

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