“Drug Dealers Anonymous” Builds Hype for King Push

Pusha T ft Jay Z - Drug Dealers Anonymous
Pusha T ft Jay Z - Drug Dealers Anonymous

Pusha T has been talking up the release of his forthcoming album King Push since 2014, claiming it to be “Album of the Year” quality, and “Drug Dealers Anonymous” certainly makes a case for such. The first single off of the “King Push” features Jay Z, which adds meaning to the title as both he and Push are former dope slingers. This also is most likely why this is, for the time being, a Tidal exclusive; hopefully, we get a wider release soon and the wait for the album to go streaming-service-wide won’t be too long once it drops.

The production on this track by DJ Dahi is stupendous; melodic, chimey synths are put together in a trippy manner that fits perfectly behind Pusha T and Jay Z’s verses. A simple drum pattern allows the synths to stand out further as well, making them the star of the show. It’s eerily catchy, similar to the unique “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets” off of Darkest Before the Dawn, which had great production throughout, something that will hopefully carry over to King Push.

Push’s verse is as excellent as ever, flowing seamlessly from bar to bar with differing delivery and emphasis. Despite a lackluster appearance on the single version of Drake’s “Pop Style,” Jay Z actually delivers a quality verse. A “Damn Daniel” reference seems a bit off coming from Jay and leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth but both rappers give a fitting performance on the track, making you wonder how a whole album is going to keep up with this kind of quality.

King Push is just around the corner and it certainly sounds like it has the potential to make some year end lists so far. Stream the track below and make sure you stay tuned to True Too for more updates on the album.



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