East Coast producer anniversary showcases hidden talents


Rappers are trying to prove themselves constantly and it’s typical for artists with bars to take the spotlight. What Ludjy Derisier does, though, is different. The Lead of East Meets Beats conducts a musical showcase every month that includes talented underground producers from the East like hollowz, Seneca B, and Rilla ForceEMB will hold their second anniversary on September 3rd at 9 PM. The event will be held at the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts and you can RSVP with the link provided. This year’s anniversary will feature Mark Redito, Leah McflyKansado, and Hollowz.

Every last Saturday of the month is an instrumental blessing. The past two years, EMB has invited more than 50 artists to take the stage and besides their wide variety of electronic music, a lot of the artists they invite are entwined with hip-hop influences. If you’re near Boston and haven’t gone to an event yet, go. The last time TrueToo went was EMB 18 and we were completely blown away by the performances held.


This year’s anniversary will have something for everyone with no doubt. hollowz’s and Kansado’s cloudy, sultry instrumentation juxtaposes Mark Redito’s and Leah Mcfly’s high tempo dance beats. Besides Redito from Los Angeles, most of the artists being premiered fly under a thousand follows on Soundcloud. That isn’t to say any of them are lacking the talent for more, however, as all the producers being featured are flushed with show-stopping, festival stage material.

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